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Thursday, 30 April 2009

"Tonights tune" in progress...

Tonight tune
is a score composed for 4 instruments.
The performers are the musicians and the instruments at the same time.
They act on according to the score.
It’s a concert.
They play using their bodies and voices.
It’s about singing physicalities and dancing voices.
It’s about physicality and voice tuning in with each other.

But it is also about the pitch of movement,
…a rhythm of the thought,
…a timbre of emotion,
…a the loudness of imagination,
…a melody of attention,
…a polyphony of different levels of perception,
…the musicality of the presence.

All in all it’s about tuning… again and again.
And it’s about particular tune of tonight.

The premiere will take place in WUK on 2nd of June. Further performances: 3, 4 June

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