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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Artistic research with Mathilde Monnier in TQW

I'm going to participate in an artistic research with Mathilde Monnier. The workshop take place between 20-25 April in Tanzquartier Wien. It's a part of Insel No. 8 curated by Katrin Roschangar and Mathilde Monnier. On Friday 24th April at 5 p.m. there will be an open lab for public.

"In the open lab of the artistic research Copied by Mathilde Monnier interested spectators can inform themselves about the results and discoveries of the participants. In her five-day workshop, in place of the master Monnier places pictures, recollections or videos at the centre and uses these materials as the starting point to explore thematic complexes such as copying, re-enactment or plagiarism. The medium becomes the master. The participants attempt to approach the originals meaning of the original and so achieve a reinterpretation."

About research:

"Mathilde Monnier’s project Copied oscillates between workshop and artistic research and explores the thematic complex of copy, re-enactment, collage, reinterpretation and plagiarism. Together with her the participants gather choreographic excerpts, which are subject to a process of (re-)interpretation and which serve as the starting material for joint analysis of reproduction, interpretation, reworking and quotation: how can this material be re-used and how is it to be understood in its original meaning? Then the attempt will be made to create various versions of readings and to transform this into action, into representation. In the process, the concept of the master will be consciously dispensed with and instead tools such as memories, pictures and videos will be drawn on."

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