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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

CLEVER PROJECT review (english translation)

"It Might Be Your Last Day"

Radek Hewelt and Filip Szatarski dance a "Clever Project" at WUK Vienna.


The arts sector benefits from the crisis - provided it is clever. Or rather, provided all sorts of art dealers, agents and speculators are clever. The two performers Radek Hewelt and Filip Szatarski - aka The Clever Team - want to be as clever as possible. That is why their "Clever Project", which currently premiered at WUK Vienna, is so touching.

The two performers are well aware that there is no large profit to be made in contemporary dance.  Still, it should at least be possible to place a few bets on it. This is put to the test here. The audience knows right away about their first bonus of the evening: They get ten performances for the price of one.

At the beginning, a song for two voices defines the basis of a proper speculation: "Tomorrow, when you open your eyes and you look through your window, remember: It might be the last day of your life."  Right, it is the mood that counts! The awareness that death might be at your doorstep creates a demand for whatever you would still like to indulge yourself in.

Becoming a tree, for example. Even in the theater, if need be. With your life at stake, dreams are in great demand. The same goes for meditation, just in case you might become a bit tight. So, the Clever Team - with plenty of commonplace phrases - guides the audience through a group meditation, which soon dissolves into the nirvana of an opera spoof.

At this point, the piece turns into a pearl of irony, which gets even bigger, as Radek Hewelt grabs his ukelele and - tender at first, then with more and more rock 'n' roll force - sings the same line over and over: "When I was young, smoking, fucking, drinking all the night, my mind was drugged." The sentimental values of rock 'n' roll are a safe bet these days, just as those of high culture.

Why? As an answer, the two performers tell their own biographies. Good choice. Firstly, because this always works, and secondly, because it is a way for us to understand our own finite lives better.

Radek and Filip set out together to find the Holy Grail, to conquer the world. They suffered hunger and rejection, invented a healing-method - and the first projector. They thought they were the center of the world. Until dark clouds loomed over the horizon and a "Stagnator"-monster descended upon them.

It won´t be revealed here how the Clever Team mastered this crisis. Yet something obvious needs to be said: This piece is a both excellent and poignant satire on crises and emotional speculation in our cultural life.

(Helmut Ploebst, DER STANDARD, Vienna, 11.2.2013)

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