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Saturday, 16 March 2013

SUBSTITUTE SHOW at imagetanz

SUBSTITUTE SHOW will be presented on Monday and Tuesday (18 & 19 March) at brut/Konzerthaus at 20:00.
It's a new solo by Radek Hewelt.

 photo: Ɓukasz Unterschuetz

In Substitute show, Polish performer Radek Hewelt embarks on a personal journey back in time into his past and ends up in communist Poland. The political and economic crisis has a tight grip on the country, but the young man’s ardent wish to found a punk band is stronger. The only problem: an electric guitar is neither to be found nor affordable. Necessity is the mother of invention, so a tennis racket is simply converted into an instrument which magical sounds can be charmed out of. Twenty five years later, again in crisis-torn times, Radek Hewelt remembers such almost forgotten skills – not to make a guitar this time, but to create a performance.

More information on the website of brut:

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