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Monday, 16 February 2009

How to present the identity?

Two people... different by definition...
woman and man... one space which they share... the same working and out-of-working hours... cooking together... time between work and out-of-work not clear really... in general some kind of synchronicity.

(Maybe our unison and all the thoughts around are actually not a coincidence or an expression of the moment - it's just a side thought though.)

All things happen through doing and tuning. Anna sings in the kitchen... I write but in the same time hear her singing. The song that we use in the studio changes constantly through the context that changes around... We don't have a clear theme. Actually all our interests meet in doing, reflecting, again doing and again reflecting. In one minute things will be different. They might be richer but they might also form the past which we want to forget... Because again the circumstances changed.

And in the same time we would like to create something that we could present, something almost timeless... but parallelly a core of our meeting. It's not a chaotic meeting or chaotic process. It's in fact very well tuned. But all conventional tools of representation seems to fail... We don't have enough time to create a spectacle, we don't want to make a lecture, we don't really want to improvise on what we worked... How to find a glue? Or... do we have to find a glue? But if we don't have a glue things might seems to be not connected...

My brain looks for clarity, for a ground... I want it now! It's very impatient.
But in the same time I don't want to close the possibilities... I'm staying close and open... in between stability and unstability... Our process or rather creation stays in between stability and unstability. It's precious but fragile... how far to trust this unstability? It's also a quality in fact... But then how to present the unstability or rather fragility? How to present in one frame the things that are becoming in the moment but are strongly related to what was?


The creature that exists already for a while... it has a past, it has its own habits, it has some ways of communicating. The creature is unique. It has its own particular movement of eyebrows. It likes specific perfume. It has a small tick in one of the fingers. It has its own way of articulating the words... emotional and behavioral patterns of dealing with other creatures... specific way of seeing the world... It has its own identity. The identity is visible in everything the creature does. Now... how to present this creature? Does it need any extra context?

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