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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

"Clever Dreamland" by CLEVER TEAM - updates

“Tonight we’re going to stand the ground…
Tonight there is no way back…
My brothers, my sisters,
I see your trembling hands
I see the shadows in your eyes
It's fear...
But i see also something else
I see rage...
I see rage in your hearts…
Hear your hearts…
Hear them beating!
We're on the good side
We’re fighting here a good war!
On this one we have the gods on our side!
Hear your hearts!
Hear your hearts!
Take their rhythms with!
And fight!

Tonight maybe we’re all going to die...
But we will survive,
We’ll survive in the songs,
We'll survive in the legends,
We'll live in the stories that are being passed from a generation to the generation.
We will inspire our children and the children of our children,
Our folk!
Because we'll fight! We will fight until the end!
So take the rhythm of your hearts and fight!

In their new project the team will dig into the universe of hollywood movies in order to motivate the spectators to follow their dreams, change their lives and leave the past behind.
The performance “Clever Dreamland” will reflect on:

*the phenomenon of motivational speech in hollywood movies; by mastering the art of affecting oratio CLEVER TEAM will inspire the audience’s new visions and heroic actions to make a difference to the society, in general, or to their own lives, in particular.

*Pathos; Pathos is a quality of an experience in life or a work of art that stirs up emotions (like pity, sympathy and sorrow). It represents an appeal to the audience’s emotion as a communication technique. CLEVER TEAM believes that only through emotional involvement the motivation for major life transformations can be created. In the modern culture pathos has very pejorative reception while at the same time it might determine happiness and make the dreams come true. The team is interested in this ambiguity: from one side pathos often refers to the “bad” taste and kitsch, from the other side it can provoke the desired life changes and improvements.

*a passion-evoking stage presence; great motivational speeches present in Hollywood productions will serve as a point of reference and inspiration for the performative modus of the performers. The passion-evoking narratives will consist of the typical cinematic themes like man versus nature, man versus himself, loss of innocence, revenge, death as a part of life, the battle, individual versus society, triumph over adversity, love conquers all, good versus evil.

*the overwhelming power of cinematic apparatus; by using very defined and aesthetic picture in connection with epic music and sound effects the cinema has highly affecting impact on the spectator. It is often immensely manipulative art form. By deconstructing the cinematic tools (like picture, music, distance from the spectator, light, costume, scenography) and juxtaposing them in different contexts CLEVER TEAM will construct its own form of manipulation in order to inspire the audience to follow their dreams… as well as to expose the mechanisms of manipulation itself. 

*a movie language versus stage performance; CLEVER TEAM is aware that the type of expression and communication as well the relation: art work exhibition <> spectator differs significantly between film and live performance. The team’s interest lies in the dramaturgical tension while applying certain cinema tools and modes of expression typical for film in live stage performance.

Production related facts:
CLEVER TEAM’s new project is supported by Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien – MA7, Polnisches Institut Wien and d.id/dance identity. CLEVER TEAM is a member of Arbeitsplatz Wien – new studios for dance and performance in Vienna.

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