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Monday, 1 March 2010

Interview about Cooperativa Performativa in Corpus

Valerie Oberleithner made an interview with me about Cooperativa Performativa (with whom I worked in December'10) on the internet magazine Corpus dedicated to the art of dance and performance. It's a part of her and Agnieszka Ryszkiewicz's project at their residency in Corpus. Project is called "Map it!". More about this project under:

Below I publish a part of the interview. The whole interview you can view under:

Radek Hewelt about Cooperativa Performativa

Where do they meet?

Valerie Oberleithner asked me to talk about Cooperativa Performativa. (laughs) Cooperativa Performativa is a group based in Romania. It consists of five artists from the performance and dance fields. The artists are from Bucuresti.They work in a kind of dance centre. I think it is even called dance house. They have a studio. It does not belong only to them. It belongs to the community. Cooperativa Performativa is one of the founders of this dance centre. Therefore they have the privilege to use the studio.

The internet as a virtual space is not an issue. One of their goals is to share one space, one physical space.

Who is the leader, and does everyone share his/her vision?

There is no leader! This is maybe the most important point about their working strategies. They are “the anarchists”. They do not like leaders. Furthermore they work independently from each other. This means that Cooperativa consists of five artists who work on five different projects. Also economical reasons made them work in this way: “Why do we not work on these five projects by sharing one studio? Why do we not just use each other for our own purposes?” They formulated rules how this way of cooperation could function. One rule: there is no leader, you are independent, you can always say no. You do not even have to come for the rehearsals. It is basically free and totally independent. Cooperativa Performativa is not about working for a group. It is rather using the sources a group or a collective offers. They are “the anarchists”. They do not have the goal to create something together. Everyone works on his own project, for a specific time, in a specific place.

Cooperativa Performativa reflects on its own working strategies. Sure a lot of conflicts appear. For example some would like to work with very loud music and some would like to work with silence. The task is to find solutions without leadership. What drives them to be in a studio is working on their own projects. Money reasons, too, made them decide to work in this way. Five artists using one studio at the same time is very economical. Beyond this they work with this situation. They know each other pretty well. They are old friends, colleagues.


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