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Sunday, 15 November 2009

GOOD NIGHT & GOOD LUCK. First Vienna Dance Night.

GOOD NIGHT & GOOD LUCK. First Vienna Dance Night.

Info from web-site of TQW (http://tqw.at/en/node/31&date=10.10.2009):

Ewa Bankowska, Milli Bitterli/ artificial horizon, Andrea Bold/ Tanzverein Erdberg, Magdalena Chowaniec, Cie. Willi Dorner, Super Nase & Co., Liquid Loft and others

On 10 October the Museumsquartier is totally under the sign of the First Vienna Dance Night. The Tanzquartier and the brut Wien are curating this already internationally successful format together, and are thereby creating an annual occasion for the audience and all participants to encounter the Austrian dance and performance scene.

Pieces and sketches, installations, media compositions, performative concerts and venue-specific works, as well as a lounge in which to party and swap ideas are available for the most diverse concepts and facets of the choreographic, and in one night give an intensive and compact insight into the breadth of international dance creation in Vienna – from already created productions, to current processes, to not-yet-realised ideas. Included in this, when the spectators are encouraged as observers or participants to fight their own way through the programme landscape and move back and forth through the various venues, are: the Studios and Hall G of the Tanzquartier, Dschungel Wien, the Leopold Museum, Quartier 21 and other venues in the Museumsquartier.

In the coming year, the brut Wien will be the venue for the joint dance marathon, which is supported by the Ministry for Education, Art and Culture, and which aims to make a contribution to the further networking of the Austrian dance and performance scene.

A cooperation between the Tanzquartier Wien and the brut Wien, in cooperation with Dschungel Wien, Raum D / quartier21, Museum Leopold and the Museumsquartier. With the support of the Ministry for Education, Art and Culture.

I had a pleasure to performe in 2 pieces that night:



Idea: Andrea Bold
performance: David Ender, Radek Hewelt, Martin Tomann, Cezary Tomaszewski
lighting: Edgar Aichinger
costumes: Linda Redlin

With Sang & Schmacht: the HerrenGesangsVerein surrenders to its own flannel. With devotion it submits to the inevitability with which we stage the grand business of life and death; with pleasure it tastes the fraud of its own romanticising.
This time without the fallacy of the announced pure being, what a relief.
A co-production by Andrea Bold/Tanzverein Erdberg and Brut Wien. With the support of the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna and ttp I WUK.


Andrea Bold came to Vienna from Cologne and since then has been operating in the fields of classical piano playing, performance, choreography and motherhood.

David Ender born in Wodonga, lives in Vienna. Writer, musician, performer, translator. Does a lot.

Radek Hewelt came to Vienna from Gdansk through Bratislava, Brussels and Barcelona.
Is staying. Lives and works a lot.

Martin Tomann. Vienna.

Cezary Tomaszewski born in Warsaw, lives in Vienna. Dancer, performer, choreographer, theatre studies scholar, musician. Very talented, plus other hobbies.

Since 1999 the TANZVEREIN ERDBERG has dedicated itself to leaping, flattery, soup and other things.


dancing to songs (special version)

Idea and direction: Ewa Bankowska
performance: Radek Hewelt, Amanda Piña, Ewa Bankowska
lighting: Siegfried Kern
production assistance: Rosa John
Première: brut Konzerthaus Imagetanz Festival, 4 March 2009 (Performance: Radek Hewelt, Amanda Piña, Tanja Boppart, Dominique Richards, Ewa Bankowska)

“The Polish choreographer Ewa Bankowska for example turns round the idea of what Dancing to Songs means: certainly not to make ‘a good figure’. Dancing is a physical process that does not primarily exist to fulfil some kind of taste criteria. In dancing the body lets its spirit out.” (Helmut Ploebst / Der Standard, 13.3.2009)

A co-production by Densegroup with Imagetanz/Brut Wien. With the support of the cultural department of the city of Vienna, the Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture and Dans.Kias in the framework of a residency.


Radek Hewelt was born in Poland in 1973. He studied dance and choreography at PARTS. He has been living and working in Vienna since 2003. He has worked as a dancer and performer with: Leszek Bzdyl, Thierry de Mey, Lynda Gaudreau, Cristian Duarte, Elio Gervasi, Sebastian Prantl, Katarzyna Kozyra, Cezary Tomaszewski, Matsune & Subal, Editta Braun, Rebecca Murgi, Pathosbüro, Andrea Bold and Ewa Bankowska. In addition he creates his own works, including: Zoom in, 21 minutes, About a boy, Close-up, Tonight’s Tune.

Amanda Piña (Vienna) was born in Chile. She studied physical theatre in Chile and contemporary dance and choreography in Barcelona, Salzburg and Montpellier, (Ex.e.r.ce, dir. Mathilde Monnier). Her works include her own choreographies, which have been performed at various festivals and stages in Europe.
As a dancer she has worked, among others, with Ewa Bankowska and DD. Dorvillier, and Human Future Dance Corps. Since 2005 she has been collaborating with the fine artist Daniel Zimmermann; together they founded Nadaproductions.

Siegfried Kern is a cabaret artist, actor and winner of the Salzburg Speaking Prize in the Scouts’ House in 2001. In addition he has proved himself as a lighting and sound designer in the works Enter and Space by Ewa Bankowska.

Ewa Bankowska (Vienna/Salzburg) was born in Poland. She completed a professional training in dance and choreography at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). Since 2006 she has written her own works (Enter, Space, Dancing to Songs). In addition she works with Nadaproductions and Kabinett Ad Co. The artist’s current work will be premièred at the Tanz-House Herbst in Salzburg in November 2009.


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