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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Instant Opera. Adult Crying Inventory - new production of CLEVER TEAM

"Instant Opera. Adult Crying Inventory" a new project by Radek Hewelt & Filip Szatarski

CLEVER TEAM would like to proudly announce that the work on their new project is initiated. The work is possible thanks to the supported by Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien MA7.

New mission of CLEVER TEAM

In their new project: “Instant Opera. Adult Crying Inventory” CLEVER TEAM will concentrate on the painful consequences of economic crisis. Considering themselves the very sensitive and attentive members of society, Radek and Filip will propose the audience a performance with the unique therapeutic properties. It will be addressed to all those who have been affected by the economic crash. This time all the members of the audience will have a chance to start the process of healing the emotional wounds caused by the burden of the crisis.
Probably each of us has been struggling lately with debts, financial insecurity or overwork. It might lead to the overload of emotional structure and put our mental health out of balance.
CLEVER TEAM would like to propose a clever solution for all these problems of mental nature.
The offer includes emotional cleansing and purification through the almost forgotten experience of CATHARSIS. The aim is to let the audience experience the remedial properties of music. CLEVER TEAM is going to propose the multi sensual journey through the most capacious form of performing arts – the OPERA.

The premiere will take place in Ankerbrotfabrik in Vienna on 16.10.2014

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